Monday, May 20, 2013

Darkwing Duck

Every now and then, I like to rewatch some old favorites of mine, Lately, I've been watching "Darkwing Duck" This thirty minute show was about getting dangerous and fighting crime. it served as a parody of the superhero and action drama. Most of the jokes went over my head when I was younger, but now I find it hilarious. Compared to most shows for youngsters today, Darkwing, was decidedly, well dark.  It was created at a time when guns, danger and the macob were not a no-no for Children's television, back before "soccer moms" ruined it for all of us.
     Darkwing Duck, also known as Drake Mallard, was the superhero who flapped in the night and served to keep the streets of his beautiful Saint Canard, safe from such evil doers as MegaVolt, Bushroot, Quackerjack and his own Negaverse alter-ego, Negaduck. It's hard to say who was more ridiculous, the villains or Darkwing himself. Between his crazy catchphrases such as "I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am a special news bulletin that interrupts your favorite show." and his ego; he was not your usual hero.
   Perhaps the most unique thing about Darkwing, was his daughter, Gosalyn. Adopted by "Drake" after Darkwing saved her from the notorious Tarus Bulba, she serves as much of the comedic relief. Spunky, well meaning but mischievous, Gosalyn often snuck out to help her father fight crime, getting in the way in the process. He didn't really have a reason to fight until Gosalyn came along and their relationship is the most dynamic in the series.

I give it Four out of Five

Check it Out!

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