Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hokage? Seriously Sasuke

Spoiler Alert! If you are not caught up with the manga yet, proceed with caution.
 You have been warned

Was anyone else in shock when Sasuke announced he wanted to become Hokage? I read that line and sat in shock, starring at the computer screen for a good fifteen seconds. I rubbed my eyes and then looked again. Sure enough, I had not been hallucinating.

Granted, Sasuke would have more then enough motivation than any character to try and gain the political power to change the system. It's what just about every other Uchiha has died for. He has good counsel. Sasuke has heard the story of the village from multiple viewpoints. He has seen the best and the worst, emphasis on the worst, sides of the ninja world. He may be able to change it.

There is just one little problem. Sasuke is about as unstable as you can get. Obito and Danzo were just disillusioned hacks who used the wrong tactics to change the system in which they lived. Sasuke has had the crazy vibe from just about the get go.

I remember during the Wave saga he almost killed himself during a fight with Zabuza. The tension, wile waiting Zabuza to attack from the mist, was too much for him and he almost did himself in with a kunai.

Then there is the fact that he defected from Kohna, turned on his own teammates (Taka and Team 7) oh and seems to be planning the 10 tales the same way Obito was.

I have a feeling he won't be making Hokage anytime soon. Any thoughts?

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